In 2001, Lateralus was released to an eagerly awaiting fan base - and shortly there after - was born. When Nolan started this "project" - he had no idea of where he was starting, or where he was going with it. There was no way to know beforehand that it would become what it has today. Nine years later - and countless hours of work in his home studio - the collection of tabs seen herein has now grown to include not only Lateralus - but all of Tool's current body of works.

Along with the tweaks and adjustmens submitted by the TT community at large, the bulk of the tab work was written by Nolan Venhola and Brad Haczynski. More recently, we have had tab contribution from Noah Cherry and Daniel Rodríguez González - Daniel has been slowly working on the much delayed tabs for 10,000 Days, along with some useful Youtube tutorials (currently not on the site). With the possibillity of another TOOL album looming on the horizon, we hope to progress our work further.

The tabs of Tool's songs on this website are by no means exact renditions of the actual songs. They are our own personal interpretations and have been updated on many occasions over a long period of time through the means of user feedback, critical listening, video analysis and personal concert viewings. We have strived to get them as close as possible short of kidnapping the band members and holding them hostage and forcing them to transcribe the songs for us. Such an unlikely event would most certainly involve forms of audio torture, such as quietly and constantly playing music from Limp Bizkit and other such drivel.

That said, many parts of a good collection of the tabs found on this website have been adjusted to reflect the LIVE performances - not the original studio recordings. As such, we are aware of the obvious fact that many of the tabs are far from "perfect" - but they were never written with such an intention, nor will they ever be.

The intention of this website was - and remains to be - a resource for Tool fans and musicians to use these tabs and learn the music that we all so dearly enjoy. Tool is in no way officially involved with this website - or its content. No - I don't know Danny's shoe size, and no, we can't get you Maynards phone number because he uses a form of ocult psychic telepathy to communicate with regular hu-mons and therefore does not require the use of a "telephone". What?

In no order of any sort - the following is a shout out & Thank You to those who have helped with ToolTabs through its nine year phase...

  • Nolan Venhola
  • Chris McKenzie
  • Brad Haczynski
  • Kevan Morin
  • Daniel Rodríguez González
  • Noah Cherry
  • All the Forum Mods over the past nine years
  • Anyone who has contributed to the constant tweaking to the tabs - your input has been, and is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately this particular list would likely go on too far to even recollect in entirety.
  • Tool. You know who you are. We know who you are. You know we know you know. Cheers.