Greetings TT Readers...

I regret to inform you all that the Tooltabs forum will be offline until further notice. I have saved everything on it and when the time comes, that material will again be available to view or with some luck, I'll be able to copy the important bits over to a new forum install.

The reasons for this happening are many, but largely because the forum itself - specifically the security on it - was broken. Registration on the forum has been disabled for quite a long time due to the incessant bombardment of spam/porn bots, which comically seem to have been originating in Russia and China.

Having the registration turned off also restricted new members and like every forum in existence, new readers & writers are a crucial part of keeping any online community alive. An analogy for the state of the forum may have been that of an old folk's home, with its members all aging and dying off without any new residents being allowed in.

One thing we've also been lacking over the past few years is someone - anyone - able and willing to continue the tabbing process for future and past Tool material. We have had members here and there over time who have stepped forward and contributed...and then suddenly disappeared into the reality that is Life. I would be the last person to look at any of these people with any measure of censure, as I have also fallen victim to the same reality. As I know that Nolan also has.

I will stress the point that neither the website or the forum will die, never to return. It will return. We all know the four mysterious guys are working on new material (albeit rather slowly) while they too enjoy the fruits (and some of it's liquid concoctions) of life. See what I did there?

With a new album, will come a new site, a new forum, a new design - and possibly some other goodies that were shelved or locked up away in dark cache's like forgotten relics.

That said - if anyone is interested in contributing to the site in the future, please feel free to email me anytime at - or say hello via Twitter @KevanMorin. We welcome anyone interested in contributing to the tabs (future, or past) and visual design of the website and it's future physical materials.

Cheers to all,

- k