Hell, It's about time.

A while ago, the official TOOL website got it's first redesign in as many years as I've been a fan -- which for me, puts it around 18 years -- so I figured; Surely if they can do it...then we can do a little change up as well. Finally.

We're keeping things simple here, at least initially. As of this writing, the tabs we have have not changed in a very long time. The collection remains the same. That said; if you are able, willing and wanting to work on the existing or new tabs, please feel free to contact us and we'll work something out. We need to finish 10,000 Days especially.

I don't yet have a 100% mobile version of the site ready -- that'll have to come later...

In the meantime, while we're waiting for the new album to manifest or listening to the new APC stuff, you can kill some time and maybe say hello in our new subreddit that I've created. Be sure to chime in on the topic of using a forum vs /r.