In 2001, Lateralus was released to an eagerly awaiting fan base - and shortly there after - Tooltabs.net was born and created by Nolan Venhola. When Nolan started this "project" he had no idea of where he was starting, or where he was going with it. There was no way to know beforehand that it would become what was - and now continues to be again. Countless hours of work in his home studio - the collection of tabs seen herein has now grown to include not only Lateralus - but all of Tool's current body of works.

The tabs of Tool's songs on this website are by no means exact renditions of the actual songs. They are our own personal interpretations and have been updated on many occasions over a long period of time through the means of user feedback, critical listening, video analysis and personal concert viewings. They are guides and if nothing else, a starting point.

That said, many parts of a good collection of the tabs found on this website have been adjusted to reflect the LIVE performances - not the original studio recordings. As such, we are aware of the obvious fact that many of the tabs are far from "perfect" - but they were never written with such an intention, nor will they ever be.

The intention of this website was - and remains to be - a resource for Tool fans and musicians to use these tabs and learn the music that we all enjoy. Tool is in no way officially involved with this website - or its content. I once asked Danny at a Webb Allstars show in LA if he "knew what Tooltabs was?" and he gave me a bit of a blank stare. I promptly changed the subject.

We've had a lot of help over the years from fans, musicians and writers. So to all of you we dearly say; Thank You.

2018 brings a much desired and needed change to the site and it's our hope that we can again create a welcoming community for fans of Tool's music and hopefully expand on the tabs in the near future.